Linck is a collection of unique products. Authentic and refined interior products, which together represent a collection of applied art. The slowly growing Linck-mixture of light fixtures, furniture and accessories is the online design gallery where you can choose an exquisite item that will enrich your own interior. Timeless quality, ignoring trends and as such long-lasting. This and nothing less is where the founders and designers - who align with Linck’s high standards - strive for. Because of its complexity and refined details the designs often have a long and exciting process on the way to realization. Here, every aspect is taken into account, nothing is overhasty launched to the public.
The name ‘Linck’ refers to the characteristic that the majority of the products can be linked together. This makes their presentation and appearance even more powerful. For every design, if possible, a product family is designed creating a synergy between various possibilities of use. Linck aims for a slow and balanced growth towards a platform where innovative designers can present their daring products and where a private buyer can pick a favorite or an interested furniture or lighting brand can address Linck for collaborations. Who purchases a Linck, acquires beauty and creativity, a true eyecatcher!
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‘The complexity and refined details makes the product’